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Get More Customers, Grow Your Business

Do you have a website but it is not working for you? We can fix it, and teach you how to use technology effectively. Regardless if your website needs enhanced security, SEO work, a performance tune-up, a mobile version, help gathering feedback from your customer, or a new feature, LMBe Solutions is an investment you cannot afford to pass up.

With our state-of-the-art Web Apps and years of web consulting experience, LMBe Solutions can deliver your company a website solution that can attact new customers and retain existing ones as you grow.

Your website should be an integral part of your organization; not just a passive advertising exercise.

With LMBe Web Apps plugged into a professional web design of your choice, your company can have a website that will:

  • Collect Customer Information 24/7
  • Interactive With Your Audience.
  • Market Your Products or Services
  • Promote Your Business With a Blog
  • Allow Customers to Register for Upcoming Events
  • Provide Virtual 24/7 Customer Support Through Search and Online Requests
  • Allow You to Analyze How Customers Use Your Site

We will train you how to maintain your site with an easy-to-use administrative tool to update or expand your own web solution, or we can manage it for you!

Client Example

Build Your Community, Engage Your Members

Do you need an online capabilty to interact with your members right from your website? LMBe Community offers an easy and professional online 'private' community application that's a proven solutions.

Create an exclusive 'Club' where you can build a powerful, user-friendly customer base that is easy to organize and maintain. Your Club is one that is created exclusively for you and your members! Your online Club is private and only accessible to the people you invite to join.

LMBe Community Will Allow You To...

  • Empower Your Members By Enhancing Products or Services Based On Customer Suggestions
  • Allow Members to Register for Upcoming Events
  • Create Promotional Blog Articles
  • Moderate Forum Discussions
  • Analyze How Members Use the Community Capabilities
  • Allow Members to Register for Training Classes
  • Provide an Online 'front door' To Your Organization or Non-Profit Business For Your Members Right From Your Website, only with LMBe Community

Teach The Kids, Prepare Them For Tomorrow

Are your kids prepared for digital world? LMBe Education, a division of LMBe Solutions LLC, was founded to provide the young children in Oakland a better future.

LMBe Education offerd a new program called Website Design for Kids that is built around three key building blocks

  • Block 1: Provide elementry schools-level students with a basic foundation in website design.
  • Block 2: Provide middle school-level students the tools and knowledge to update their own school website.
  • Block 3: Give high school-level students an opportunity to build websites for their own community by allowing them to have internships that can possibly create job opportunities once they graduate, or give them the necessary background to pursue IT-related studies after they graduate.

Each block can be offered on a continuum basis or run independently of each other.

Not every child will go to college. Website design is a skill similar to construction in that it does not require someone to go to college to learn this skill and be very successful. And for the young adults who do go onto college, it can provide them with a foundation to build upon regardless of the career path they select.

Website Design also helps everyone to become familiar a computer. When a young adult has the basic skills needed to succeed in today's competitive workplace, their chances of success are substantially higher. This ultimately benefits their community and the society they live in. Give us a call at 510-692-3610 to start web design classes at your school.

Does your school need a website makeover?

Use LMBe GreenKey tm , a proven educational web platform, for your next website project. Everything you need to build an online web community for your school.

  • Professional Design
  • Allow students to view and/or register for classes
  • Add and remove new classes easily with the LMBe class manager
  • Give staff, students and parents login access to site where you want
  • Allow parent groups to have their own page that they can update
  • Includes how to training for site administrators
  • WebMaster Services - We maintain your website for you
Client Example:

LMBe builds websites that go beyond your homepage

Responsive Design

We create websites that automatically change depending on the device(i.e. laptop, tablet and phone) your visitors use to view your website.

SEO Optimize

Easily add your keywords to your website using the LMBe Site Manager.

Blazing Fast

Your website is optimied for best results.

Worth Every Penny

Stay Informed. Know exactly how many visitors you get each day.

Build With You In Mind

We build customer first websites. We build your ideas.

Engage Your Audience

Build your own online social website for your customers, fans, family or members.

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