Plug into any website. No programming. No installation. Just sign up and get started. It's simple!

Business Directory

Sign up and create a business directory for your website in minutes. Already have a list of business created, simply import them into your new business directory. It takes seconds!

Event Registration

Every website should have events! Create events, conference, meetings, showcases, networking meetings, in less than five minutes, seriously!

Online Discussions

With the Online Discussions WebApp, you are able to allow your customers and visitors to search discussion forums for relevant information.


Our E-Commerce WebApp allows you to focus on selling your products while we focus on the technology.

Links and File Sharing

Share documents and relevant links with your customers, employees or visitors.

Customer Support

Online self service support for your customers.


Build your own online social community for your customers, fans, family or members. Your community can be private or public.


Create blog articles to promote your products and services

Create Quick Website

Create a website in 30 seconds. Easily add pages, upload images and text.